Eden's Sweater - Free Knitting Pattern

Some people like to plan carefully and get things right the first time.  I am impatient, and I just want to knit.  So, when my daughter asked me for a sweater.  I just dove right in. 

Here's the thing.  I don't really know how the yarn will fall until I try things out.  And I am 20 years in on this whole knitting thing.  I long ago realized I am WAY more into the process than the product.  So, I don't mind ripping out and starting over until I get it right. 

I mean...immediate frustration upon realizing I've knit for about 8 hours and it's not going to work is imminent.  But then, I just shake it off and remind myself, "Well, that just means more knitting for me!" And, oh.  That's a good thing.

This project started out as a request.  My 14 year old daughter wanted a sweater.  Now, I have just about had it with requests from my kids.  Because I have knit an untold number of items that were seldom used.  That is ever so frustrating.

And I've been t…

Cotton Washcloth Baby Bib - Free Knitting Pattern

This little gem doubles as a bib and washcloth.I designed it when our youngest was a baby.It’s perfect for that transition phase to solids…such a messy time!Use it as a bib for feeding, rinse and use it to clean up.

Materials: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream (or equivalent) cotton yarn (1 skein makes approximately 2 bibs), darning needle; 1/2 in. button, thread and needle

Needles: US size 7
Gauge: 20 sts. = 4 in. in stockinette
Finished Measurements: (Does not have to be exact…just close.) Width – 6.5 in. Height to neck – 4.5 in.               Neck strap height (neck to end) – 7 in.
Instructions 1.Cast on 30 sts. 2.Knit in garter stitch until work measures 4.5 in. 3.(Right side) Knit 8, place these stitches on holder, bind off --, knit 8. Finish neck strap 4.Knit 8 stitches. 5.Knit 2 together, k6. 6.Knit all sts. 7.Continue knitting in stockinette until the strap measures 6.5 inches.  8.(Right side) K3, yarn over, k4. 9.K4, k2tog, k2. 10.K3 rows. 11.Bind off on right side. Finish button strap 12.Knit 8 stitches. 13.…

Star Wars Knitting Patterns - Free

A Knitting Blog by Kristen Shanna

Rogue One Hat by Mrs. Luedeke
I love the colors in this Rogue One Hat knitting pattern, and since my husband happens to be a huge Star Wars fan, I may just have to make this one.  It is provided free of charge on Mrs. Luedeke's lovely blog.  I couldn't help but peruse the site a bit to find the knitting pattern for that adorable Pokemon Go hat she is modeling on her main page.  I may have to link that in another blog...super cute...and another popular theme around this house.

Space Princess Hat by Fiber Flux
I have to be honest.  I have a tendency to turn up my nose at anything faux.  I would always rather have the natural - the real thing.  I favor all things genuine. (Did I ever mention that I used to pretend I ground my own grain to make those microwaveable chimichangas that sustained me through my childhood?  So odd...I know.  That's just my nerdy interpretation of fun.  I also organized my crayon box by colors...frequently...)  Given th…

Best of Pinterest - Knitting Patterns for Purchase

A Knitting Blog by Kristen Shanna

Occasionally, I come across an irresistible knitting pattern for purchase.  I have designed enough myself to understand the work that goes into knitting pattern design.  It is so worth the few bucks it costs to support my fellow knitters/designers!  All of these patterns, which I found linked on Pinterest, are available for around $6 (US).    Now, I just have to decide which one to buy first.
Donna  by  Josée Paquin!  I LOVE this version, by Trin-Annelie, of the Donna sweater knitting pattern.  As it just so happens, blue is my favorite color.  So, those stripes are really working for me.  (I love the fun regular/irregular patterning).  But...there are so many unique versions of the sweater pictured.  I may have to make more than one.  Be sure to check out the sweater version by knitcou2ure - that one is a must knit, if I do say so myself!
Wiolakoftaby Kristin Wiola Ødegård
© Sofie Ødegård
Now, I don't plan on knitting the Wiolakof…

Best of Pinterest, Free Knitting Patterns - November

I have officially fallen in love with Pinterest.  It took me awhile.  I used to get really frustrated with all the lovely images that lacked links to instructions.  Now I view these as inspiration.  (...if I like a photo enough, I can always write my own knitting pattern for it!)  
I had to come up with a way to preserve those pins that do actually have knitting pattern links, though...and here is my solution.  My own personal "best of" collection.  Enjoy these free knitting patterns from Pinterest, Ravelry and more.  They are definitely going in my queue! #1.  Jasseron by Becky Wolf  Do I dare hope this beautiful sweater knitting pattern is truly free?!  Yet again, comes through with a masterpiece I am sure will become a favorite of mine.  This is the perfect match of classic casual meets phenomenally feminine.  I can not wait to get started!

#2.  Quick Like a Snow Bunny by Alexis Adrienne
I don't tend to be a big fan of winter, but I am fi…

Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern - Scallop

Free Knitting Pattern: Baby Blanket in Scallop Pattern

I fell in love with the scallop pattern, while making a baby hat that included it.  It has such a lovely cable appearance, and the 4 round repetition is so easy.  I don't have to pay close attention to my knitting.  I try to keep a repetitive pattern going all the time, because most often, I just want to knit and NOT THINK!  (I am a mother to 4 kids ranging 15 to 3!  Sometimes I just need quiet, uninterrupted rhythm for goodness sakes!)

The baby blanket is the perfect solution.  The first one I made for my son (which was blue and did not include a border).  I loved the scallop in blanket form so much, I decided to make it a pattern.  I chose to make the pattern blanket larger than my son's - it is about twice as big and can grow into a lap blanket or a spread for a toddler bed.

I am so happy with the end result, I plan to keep this project on repeat for awhile.  I don't even have to know who I am knitting the blanket…

Best of Fingerless Gloves Free Knitting Patterns

I have become a bit of a fingerless gloves pattern connoiseur.  I made my first pair of fingerless gloves about 10 years ago.  I rarely used quality yarn at the time.  I tended toward middle end acrylics...think Michael's and Wal-Mart.  Then, I had this friend who wanted to learn to knit Fetching fingerless gloves by Cheryl Niamath, and she had found these lovely skeins of yarn online for $18.  I almost choked, but...I splurged, for my friend's sake.

Thus began my affection for fine things - especially fine yarn.  I still only splurge on fine yarns occasionally.  (I have a mountain of second-hand acrylics I use to make blankets and items for donation...projects I work just to keep my fingers moving.)  When I do splurge on a high end skein, I love to make fingerless gloves.  They feel so nice on my hands on a spring or fall evening.  They keep me warm and keep my fingers free, so I can continue knitting...or typing.  And above all, I love to give them as fine gifts to my prec…