The Original Plarn Bag: Free Knitting Pattern

The first plarn project I designed was supposed to be a grocery bag.  After completing the project, I quickly realized it was too small for it's designed purpose.  (It could only fit an item or two, and I have a large family and a LOT of groceries.). So, I scrapped the pattern, kept the bag and started over.   What came out of the original idea was the Reusable Grocery Bag pattern.  It's great.  I love it, and I use it.  However, I have since found that the other bag is equally valuable and share worthy.   This bag is smaller.  More like a purse.  I have used it for carrying anything from library books to knitting projects, to plarn balls.  If I am honest...this plarn bag actually gets more use than the grocery bag.  (They don't tend to let you use reusables when ordering via app and curbside.  So, mostly, I'm just out here stacking up more plarn potential.)  Here are the details of the making: Plarn Bag: Free Knitting Pattern Click to Print Materials Pre-Cut Plarn: 2-

Knitting Kennedy's Colorful Styles Cardigan

You've heard of tribute bands, but have you ever heard of a tribute knitting pattern?  ...You have now! My niece has always been one of my biggest knitting supporters.  She is super creative and is always full of ideas.  ...And her latest was quite a challenge!   I got about 2 whole pictures in a "can you knit this?" text. Now...before we get too far...I was halfway through the project when I discovered the actual designer, JW Anderson, has released the legitimate free knitting pattern for his Colourblock Patchwork Cardigan. So, I highly suggest you check it out here !   Had I seen this in the beginning, I would have definitely just gone with this headache-free version.  However, I did happily note that it was made of chunky yarn (and I could have doubled), but I used vintage worsted yarn that I bought from a retired knitter long ago (and...I wouldn't have had enough to double the yarn, because I already had to fill in with some new buys, as it was).  So, anyway...I d