Free Knitting Pattern - Leg Warmers

I designed and knit these leg warmers with a vintage yarn. Be sure to choose a yarn and needle size that matches gauge. DK weight on US 5-7 needles or Sport Weight on US 3-5 needles should work.

Guage: 6 stitches and 10 rows per inch
Yarn: One skein each of three colors.
M1: Make one stitch.
SS: Stockinette Stitch (*knit one row, purl the next,* repeat).
Rib: Knit one stitch. Purl one stitch. Repeat across the row. (Purl one, knit one across the back of the work.)

Leg Warmers Knitting Pattern (make two)
  1. CO 56 stitches.
  2. K in rib for 14 rows.
  3. Next row: Knit 14, m1,k28, m1, k14.
  4. Knit 11 rows in SS (starting wi th a purl row, since you just knit a row).
  5. K14, m1, k29, m1, k15.
  6. Continue increasing every 12th row, following the succession below:
    K15, m1, k30, m1, k15.
    K15, m1, k31, m1, k16.
    K16, m1, k32, m1, k16.
    K16, m1, k33, m1, k17
    K17, m1, k34, m1, k17
    K17, m1, k35, m1, k18
    K18, m1, k36, m1, k18
    K18, m1, k37, m1, k19
  7. Knit 14 rows in rib.
  8. Bind off.
  9. Sew sides together.


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