Harry Potter Knitting Patterns - Free

Well, I finally fell onto the wagon.  I have fallen in love...with Harry Potter.  Honestly, after finishing the series, I don't know why it took me so long.  My darkest fears of being snatched into the sacrilegious, have been completely eradicated.  In fact, I've stumbled upon many embedded biblical themes in the magical, albeit fictional, world.

I have to admit, I'm glad I saved the series for now.  This year is the exact year that I desperately needed to escape into an amazing fictional world...to leave behind my own challenges, triumphs and heartbreak, for a bit, and enter into someone else's.

Harry's world has given me respite, and more...many new things to knit!  Here are the best (and most realistically worth my time) Harry Potter Knitting Patterns - Free I have found.

Harry Potter Knitting Patterns - Free

1.  Hogwarts Scarves Knitting Patterns by Studio Knit

Knitting Pattern for scarves in all the house colors using the first year scarf pattern, which rotates large, even color blocks.

Studio Knit provides a lovely Free Gryffindor Scarf Knitting Pattern tutorial.  The scarf is knit in the round with Lion's Brand Wool Ease yarn on size 8 16-in. circulars.  I love the addition of the Hogwarts badge!

2.  Harry Potter Bag Knitting Pattern by Rosemary Waits

Lovely knitting pattern with intarsia design and charts for all four Hogwarts houses.
by Quietish  Flickr
I absolutely LOVE this pattern by Rosemary Waits as a Ravelry download.  Both of my girls decided they wanted scarves and hats for their Hogwarts Houses.  (Get sorted just like Harry Potter at the Pottermore Website!)  So, I bought a boat load of Impeccable Yarn by Loops and Threads at Michaels (which is the yarn I use for my Harry Potter scarves!).  Before I even began, the first daughter had changed her mind.  She didn't think she would wear the knitted scarf much, so I ended up making her slippers in Hufflepuff's black and gold colors.

I went on the hunt to find something more authentic Harry Potter and Hogwarts themed for my other daughter, and I landed on this lovely Harry Potter bag knitting pattern, which includes charts for all four Hogwarts Houses!  I am currently working on the Slytherin chart.

3.  Harry Potter Knee Highs Knitting Pattern by Nicomara

These blue and silver Ravenclaw knee highs, using the small repeated striping of the later Hogwarts years could easily be knit in any of the four Hogwarts School Colors.
by simplyeca  Flickr
I am DEFINITELY going to put these Harry Potter Knee Highs in my knitting queue! They are pictured in Ravenclaw blue and silver.

Actually, the official Hogwarts house colors are defined by J.K. Rowling on her Pottermore website:

"The four Hogwarts houses have a loose association with the four elements, and their colours were chosen accordingly. Gryffindor (red and gold) is connected to fire; Slytherin (green and silver) to water; Hufflepuff (yellow and black, representing wheat and soil) to earth; and Ravenclaw (blue and bronze; sky and eagle feathers) to air."

However, in the movies, the Ravenclaw colors are blue and silver.  Not-Literally.com has an interesting explanation of the whole debate.

 Regardless, the Harry Potter Knee Highs are easily knit, using fingering weight yarn (30 stitches and 41 rows per 4 inches) in whichever house colors you choose!  Just be sure to pay attention to the addendum mentioned on Ravelry!

4.  Harry Potter Uniform Sweater Knitting Pattern via Katie Marcus

Katie Marcus provides a link on Ravelry for this archived sweater pattern in the Hogwarts uniform style.
© brandnew

I love this version of the Hogwarts uniform sweater provided by Katie Marcus.  Katie has kindly included a web archived link to an old pattern that has since been removed from the internet.  Thanks, Katie...I didn't even know that was possible!  It looks like it is worth the hunt and the pattern was definitely worth archiving.  I may just have to try it out.  Find the archive link for yourself on Katie's Ravelry page.

5.  Harry Potter Doll Knitting Pattern by The Leaky Cauldron

Knitting Pattern provided by The Leaky Cauldron through a link on Mamynany's Ravelry page.
by lily411  Flickr

Because...doesn't EVERYONE need a Harry Potter stuffie?!!  I know I do, and thanks to The Leaky Cauldron, we can all make one for our dearest Harry Potter Fanatic.  Thanks to Mamynany for posting the link to the Harry Potter Doll Knitting Pattern on Ravelry.

6.  Hogwarts Inspired Coffee Cozy Knitting Pattern by Pattymac Knits

Free Knitting Pattern for Coffee Cozies in Hogwarts School Colors provided by PattyMacKnits.
© Pattymac Knits

The question is, who doesn't need this cozy for their Starbucks in the morning?  (Actually, I tend to make my own mochas at home...very Weasley-ish of me, I know.  Then, again, we do have 4 kids.  Not red-heads, but just as much of a handful!)  Thanks to PattyMacKnits for the lovely knitting pattern and link on Ravelry!  I know a few deserving friends, who would appreciate a lovely gift.  

7.  Hogwarts House Hats Knitting Patterns by Sara Belcher

Lovely stocking hats in all four Hogwarts House colors.  The hats include the House names, along with some fair isle work.
© ForeverSarah

It doesn't get much cuter than this!  What a lovely set of Hogwarts House hats provided as a free knitting pattern download on Ravelry by Sara Belcher.  Sara designed these fair isle hats using worsted weight yarn. I love that the Hogwarts house names are written into the design.   I must make one for my winter collection!  The only question is...Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin or Hufflepuff?

8.  Harry Potter Inspired Sock Patterns by Karen S. Lauger

Four lovely sock pattern designs, inspired by our favorite wizarding school.
 © Karen S. Lauger
Yet another talented, generous knitter, provides us with a quality pattern.  I really can't believe the free knitting patterns you can find on Ravelry...not to mention the cute titles!  As a fellow knitter and designer, I realize the amount of work this takes, and I am happy to share the links.  Karen provides patterns for all four Hogwarts Houses as Ravelry downloads.  Check out each separate link below:

9.  Hermione Sweater Knitting Pattern by Fuschia12

The lovely Hermione in a sweater.  The pattern is inspired by the one she wore in The Order of the Phoenix.

For the true Harry Potter fan, Jessica aka Fushia12 on Blogspot, provides a knitting pattern to match Hermione's in The Order of the Phoenix.  I love the color, and the 1980's retro appeal.  I would knit this, even if I didn't know it came from the movies.  I would like to see a picture of a sweater knitted from the patterned work, however.  So, if I ever get to it in my queue, I will post a pic of my own!

10.  Hermione Hearts Ron Hat Knitting Pattern by Christy Aylesworth  

Lovely knit hat with cables and eyelets, based on the hat Hermione wore in The Half-Blood Prince.
© Christy Aylesworth

While we are on the topic of Hermione, no Harry Potter pattern compilation would be complete without this lovely knit hat pattern, inspired by Hermione's own in Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince.  It is another lovely piece that I would knit-to-own, even if it had no connection to the movie.  Christy provides the popular pattern as a free download on Ravelry.

11.  Harry Potter Knitting Collection by In The Loop Knitting

Wonderful knitting pattern based on the sweater Neville wore in Deathly Hollows part 2.
by JMN  Flickr
Tiny scarves in Hogwarts house colors make a perfect bookmark to keep your spot in our favorite wizard series.
© KnittingWithLaura

Cute little broomstick bookmark, reminiscent of our dear Harry Potter's wizarding world.
© Kristina Gill

Terry Matz offers a delightful variety of patterns (some knitting patterns for free and some patterns for purchase), on her site at InTheLoopKnitting.com.  Among my favorites free patterns are: 
  1. An AMAZING replica of Neville's Sweater from the final movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
  2. A sweet set of Hogwart's Double Knitted Bookscarves (i.e. bookmarks) in colorwork
  3. A Broomstick Bookmark
  4. A Hogwart's scarf pattern bookmark, the Harry Potter Bookscarf
  5. A knitted and felted Sorting Hat
  6. A knitted and felted Aragog the Spider Monster
*Matz also provides a link to the Harry Potter Bag.

So many Harry Potter Knitting Patterns for Free!!!  I don't know where to begin.  If you know of a great Harry Potter Pattern that I did not link, comment and link below.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Hi - how tall is the Harry Potter doll please?

    1. Sorry I missed this comment! I did not have notifications enabled. I would try clicking the link to the pattern for the doll. Perhaps there is a size listed??


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