Best of Fingerless Gloves Free Knitting Patterns

I have become a bit of a fingerless gloves pattern connoiseur.  I made my first pair of fingerless gloves about 10 years ago.  I rarely used quality yarn at the time.  I tended toward middle end acrylics...think Michael's and Wal-Mart.  Then, I had this friend who wanted to learn to knit Fetching fingerless gloves by Cheryl Niamath, and she had found these lovely skeins of yarn online for $18.  I almost choked, but...I splurged, for my friend's sake.

Thus began my affection for fine things - especially fine yarn.  I still only splurge on fine yarns occasionally.  (I have a mountain of second-hand acrylics I use to make blankets and items for donation...projects I work just to keep my fingers moving.)  When I do splurge on a high end skein, I love to make fingerless gloves.  They feel so nice on my hands on a spring or fall evening.  They keep me warm and keep my fingers free, so I can continue knitting...or typing.  And above all, I love to give them as fine gifts to my precious friends.

Here is a collection of the favorite fingerless gloves patterns on my to-do list.  Enjoy!

Best Free Fingerless Glove Knitting Patterns:

© kararstanley
Sometimes simplicity is the best option.  Camp Out Fingerless Mitts by Tante Ehm on Ravelry are rated as an "easy" knit with a very high rating.  Kara Stanley makes it easy to see why knitters are so happy with the results of this free knitting pattern.  These gloves are simply lovely!  They will definitely be in my queue, and I think I will splurge on the Noro yarn to get the most delectable results.

© Alexandra Brinck
It's hard to believe Linda K's Yummy Mummy Wristwarmer's is offered as a free knitting pattern by Alexandra Brinck on Ravelry.  The lovely cable works make the gloves look like a complicated, delicate work of art.  The quality yarn choice shines through in the beauty of these fingerless gloves.

© Tracybug  Flickr
I was shocked when this fingerless gloves image came across my Pinterest feed.  The diagonal rib is a delightful play on the eyes.  Ravelry reviewers give fingerless gloves pattern, Straightforward Mitts , by Mone Dräger a high 4.5 star rating and a low difficulty score.  Tracybug offers a sweet image of the diagonals.  I think I will pick out a high quality yarn and give this free knitting pattern a go.

©  nemesia  Flickr
Unforgettably feminine.  Pink yarn adds to the delicacy of the playful cables on these fingerless gloves.  I love the detail on the thumb gusset, an area that is rather typically ignored. The free fingerless gloves knitting pattern, Roosa Ruusu ,by Emma Karvonen is a must knit for my future.

© Kandipandi
I love the fingerless gloves pattern, The Hand of Friendship Fingerless Mits by Kandipandi.  The eyelets give the pattern a delicate look of complexity.  The picot bind off makes the edge of these gloves appear royal - crowning your hands with delicacy.  The pattern offers an option for shorter gloves, and one ball of the angora merino wool makes two pairs of fingerless gloves.  Knit one for a friend.  Knit one for yourself!

© twinsetellen  Flickr
Handed Yes, Fingered No - Mitts that Fit is a simple, but lovely fingerless gloves pattern offered free by Ellen M. Silva.  The pattern boasts the stripey technique, which I had to research further.  It is apparently a "jogless stripes" knitting technique, and since I am all about learning new things, I may have to practice it out on these lovely mitts.

Colorblock Hand Warmers | Purl Soho
© Purl Soho
Top 1 reason to try their lovely yarn: 1) This free knitting pattern, Colorblock Handwarmers, by Purl Soho.  I am a little hesitant with the longer cuffed fingerless gloves patterns.  I have some serious texture sensitivities...but...I really hate sleeves, and this yarn IS light, merino.  So, I'm betting they could stretch out my short sleeves season, and they would feel pretty great.  I just love the simply elegant thumb "gusset."  Purl Soho offers several suggested color schemes in the pattern.  I think I like this one the best!
Traveling Cable Hand Warmers | Purl Soho
© Purl Soho

While we are on the is another free fingerless gloves pattern by Purl Soho - Traveling Cable Hand Warmers.  It's not every day that I am up for complicated knitting, but when I am, you'd better believe I am going to use a delightful, fine yarn.  This pattern is written for extra fine merino wool with 20% mulberry silk...a textural explosion in my hands, I'm sure.  I'm not one to hide behind neutral colors, but there are several other choices available.  (I'm feeling Super Pink or Tumeric Yellow).

fingerless gloves pattern
© Rosie
This pattern is very similar (multicolored fingers and all) to my ABSOLUTE, very, very favorite pair of gloves EVER...honestly, I loved these gloves.  I bought them at a store...not hand knit...and they had this little overlap that went over the thumb but could be "kicked back" easily.  Unfortunately, the thumb eventual began to unravel (after many years' wear), and though I fixed it several times, there came a day these gloves were beyond repair.  I still have them tucked away in a knitting drawer, in case I ever decide to write a pattern to knit them.  (I had a favorite pair of shoes that wore out once, too.  I allowed myself to take a picture of them before I finally made myself throw them out.)  I was so excited when I fell upon this fingerless gloves Magic Mitts pattern by Rosie on Sew and Sew.  This is on my Must Knit Soon! list.

© Berroco
My final fingerless gloves free knitting pattern is Jacoby offered by Berroco.  I love the stripes.  I love the ribs.  I love the thumb gusset.  Oh!...and WHAT?!!...I researched a little deeper and found that this is a self-striping yarn.  I think I am in love.  Must try Berroco yarn and make the Jacoby!  *Caution...the yarn may be hard to find.  It looks like it was a limited time only yarn in 2007, but I found several options for buying recently.  Search "Berroco Lang Jawoll Yarn."  Otherwise, we may have to find a substitute.

Feel free to comment to add your favorite free fingerless gloves pattern links to the list.  I will update as I make my way through these patterns.  Happy Knitting!


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