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Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern - Scallop

Free Knitting Pattern: Baby Blanket in Scallop Pattern I fell in love with the scallop pattern, while making a baby hat that included it.  It has such a lovely cable appearance, and the 4 round repetition is so easy.  I don't have to pay close attention to my knitting.  I try to keep a repetitive pattern going all the time, because most often, I just want to knit and NOT THINK!  (I am a mother to 4 kids ranging 15 to 3!  Sometimes I just need quiet, uninterrupted rhythm for goodness sakes!) The baby blanket is the perfect solution.  The first one I made for my son (which was blue and did not include a border).  I loved the scallop in blanket form so much, I decided to make it a pattern.  I chose to make the pattern blanket larger than my son's - it is about twice as big and can grow into a lap blanket or a spread for a toddler bed. I am so happy with the end result, I plan to keep this project on repeat for awhile.  I don't even have to know who I am knitting the