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Best of Pinterest, Free Knitting Patterns - November

I have officially fallen in love with Pinterest .  It took me awhile.  I used to get really frustrated with all the lovely images that lacked links to instructions.  Now I view these as inspiration.  (...if I like a photo enough, I can always write my own knitting pattern for it!)   I had to come up with a way to preserve those pins that do actually have knitting pattern links, though...and here is my solution.  My own personal "best of" collection.  Enjoy these free knitting patterns from Pinterest, Ravelry and more.  They are definitely going in my queue! #1.   Jasseron by Becky Wolf Jasseron by © Becky Wolf  Do I dare hope this beautiful sweater knitting pattern is truly free?!  Yet again, comes through with a masterpiece I am sure will become a favorite of mine.  This is the perfect match of classic casual meets phenomenally feminine.  I can not  wait to get started! #2.  Quick Like a Snow Bunny by Alexis Adrienne © 20