Best of Pinterest, Free Knitting Patterns - November

I have officially fallen in love with Pinterest.  It took me awhile.  I used to get really frustrated with all the lovely images that lacked links to instructions.  Now I view these as inspiration.  (...if I like a photo enough, I can always write my own knitting pattern for it!)  

I had to come up with a way to preserve those pins that do actually have knitting pattern links, though...and here is my solution.  My own personal "best of" collection.  Enjoy these free knitting patterns from Pinterest, Ravelry and more.  They are definitely going in my queue!

#1.  Jasseron by Becky Wolf

Jasseron by © Becky Wolf  Do I dare hope this beautiful sweater knitting pattern is truly free?!  Yet again, comes through with a masterpiece I am sure will become a favorite of mine.  This is the perfect match of classic casual meets phenomenally feminine.  I can not wait to get started!

#2.  Quick Like a Snow Bunny by Alexis Adrienne

© 2016 Alexis Adrienne
I don't tend to be a big fan of winter, but I am finding myself looking forward to wearing this little gem in the snow.  Snow ice cream, any one?  Do you want to build a snow man?  How about an angel...ok...maybe not that far...

But I might be inspired enough by this knitting pattern to take The Hub and kids ice skating, if it means I have an excuse to buy more yarn!  (It's for a good cause...surely he wouldn't want my precious little head to get cold?!  I am pretty sure winter hat is a NEED not a WANT.  Who's with me?! ...And the knitting pattern is FREE, after all.  I am simply saving us money.)  ;)

I am guessing this precious stocking hat knitting pattern knits up as quickly as the title suggests, so I should be snug as a bunny before the first snow falls.  Who knows?  I may even have yarn left over for a Quick as a Snow Bunny Christmas gift of two?

#3.  Serenty Cardi by Tanis Gray

© Caron

I can see this lovely hooded cardigan sweater in pretty fall, brown...and of course, as my mom always says, "Red is YOUR color."  (It doesn't really matter who she is talking too.  Apparently, red is everyone's color).   I am so grateful Tanis has included this archived link on Ravelry!  It is an unbelievable free knitting pattern I will definitely have to make for myself.  I love the lace pattern and the bonus hood.

#4.  Cafe Au Lait Mitts by Paula McKeever

© miamipam
Because, from my perspective, you can't beat a sweet pair of fingerless gloves.  I love the delicate look of the busy cable in this knitting pattern.  The yarn recommended is a cashmere merino silk.  I definitely recommend splurging on a fine yarn for fingerless gloves.  Such a fine treat for the hands in the cool of fall.  I may just have to spin some wool from our Angora Rabbit and make these for myself!

#5.  High Line Cardigan by Tahki Stacy Charles


I love the diagonal lines, the half-sleeves and the single button written into this sweet cardigan knitting pattern.  It is another gem I baffled to find free (and rushed to save and print, just in case it disappears!).  There is a prompt at download, but you do not have to sign up.  Just click the phrase
below that says, "No thanks.  Please just let me download!"

#6.  Manchester Scarf by Laura Cunitz

© Knitting Nuances

I'm not too big on wearing scarves...I have some weird texture issues, including a tendency to think anything remotely near my neck is choking me.  I'm sure there's a name for that disorder, but let's just stick with knitting therapy for now.  There are times when you need a scarf, and I do LOVE to knit them.  I've been on the lookout for a more delicate variety.  This one fits the bill.  I love the look of the "Showy and Subtle Decrease," and I have a feeling the repeat is not going to be too difficult to knit once I get familiar with the pattern.

#7.  Scrappy Ski Hat by Lete's Knits

© Lete's Knits

This looks like a pretty simple stocking hat knitting pattern, but I couldn't resist posting.  I love the colorwork!  And what a great way to use up small amounts of leftover yarn...if I can only find the same colors in my stash, I might just make it to match.  This shouldn't take more than a night or two to knit, and I'll have a happy new hat to brighten my day in the dreary of winter that is so obviously headed my way.

#8.  Bebe Chocolat by Maree Buscke

© Maree Buscke

Does it get any sweeter than this?  I love knitting for babies!  The little sheep motif on this knitted cardigan is optional, but it is exactly what made this knitting pattern stand out to me.  After all, what knitter doesn't respect the sheep?!  The only question left is who will gift this lovely little sweater?...since my own little girls are nearly all grown.

#9.  Simple and Sweet Little Baby Dress by Taiga Hilliard Designs

© Taiga Hilliard Designs

Did I mention I love knitting for babies?!  This is a quick knit, by the looks of it.  Pretty simple, but oh so sweet.  I love the empire waist design, which is created by a simple stockinette, border in this knitting pattern.  There are some pretty precious variations included on the Ravelry page.  Be sure to check out jfsincali's SUPER cute version.

10.  Maile Sweater by Nikki Van De Car

© Nikki Van De Car

What a lovely little baby sweater.  You HAVE to check out the precious model baby pic on Nikki Van De Car's blog.  So cute!  I love the design at the arms and base.  It really adds a delicate, feminine touch.  I love the green, which works well with the inspiration for the knitting pattern, but I can also see this in a pretty pink...or yellow...or gray...oooh...gray is popular right now.  Do I have any upcoming baby showers?!

Happy Knitting!


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