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Best of Pinterest - Knitting Patterns for Purchase

A Knitting Blog by Kristen Shanna Occasionally, I come across an irresistible knitting pattern for purchase.  I have designed enough myself to understand the work that goes into knitting pattern design.  It is so worth the few bucks it costs to support my fellow knitters/designers!  All of these patterns, which I found linked on Pinterest, are available for around $6 (US).    Now, I just have to decide which one to buy first. Donna  by   Josée Paquin © Trin-Annelie!  I LOVE this version, by Trin-Annelie, of the Donna sweater knitting pattern.  As it just so happens, blue is my favorite color.  So, those stripes are really working for me.  (I love the fun regular/irregular patterning).  But...there are so many unique versions of the sweater pictured.  I may have to make more than one.  Be sure to check out the sweater version by knitcou2ure - that one is a must knit, if I do say so myself! Wiolakofta   by  Kristin Wiola Ødegård ©  Sofie Ødeg