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Cotton Washcloth Baby Bib - Free Knitting Pattern

This little gem doubles as a bib and washcloth.   I designed it when our youngest was a baby.   It’s perfect for that transition phase to solids…such a messy time!   Use it as a bib for feeding, rinse and use it to clean up. (PRINT NOW) Materials : Lily Sugar ‘n Cream (or equivalent) cotton yarn (1 skein makes approximately 2 bibs), darning needle; 1/2 in. button, thread and needle Needles : US size 7 Gauge : 20 sts. = 4 in. in stockinette Finished Measurements : (Does not have to be exact…just close.)               Width – 6.5 in.               Height to neck – 4.5 in.               Neck strap height (neck to end) – 7 in. Instructions 1.        Cast on 30 sts. 2.        Knit in garter stitch until work measures 4.5 in. 3.        (Right side) Knit 8, place these stitches on holder, bind off --, knit 8. Finish neck strap 4.        Knit 8 stitches. 5.        Knit 2 together, k6. 6.        Knit all sts. 7.        Continue knitting in

Star Wars Knitting Patterns - Free

A Knitting Blog by Kristen Shanna Rogue One Hat by Mrs. Luedeke © Mrs. Luedeke LLC I love the colors in this Rogue One Hat knitting pattern, and since my husband happens to be a huge Star Wars fan, I may just have to make this one.  It is provided free of charge on Mrs. Luedeke's lovely blog.  I couldn't help but peruse the site a bit to find the knitting pattern for that adorable Pokemon Go hat she is modeling on her main page.  I may have to link that in another blog...super cute...and another popular theme around this house. Space Princess Hat by Fiber Flux © Jennifer Dickerson I have to be honest.  I have a tendency to turn up my nose at anything faux.  I would always rather have the natural - the real thing.  I favor all things genuine. (Did I ever mention that I used to pretend I ground my own grain to make those microwaveable chimichangas that sustained me through my childhood?  So odd...I know.  That's just my nerdy interpretation of fun.  I als