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Rogue One Hat by Mrs. Luedeke

Kristen Shanna Knitting Blog
© Mrs. Luedeke LLC

I love the colors in this Rogue One Hat knitting pattern, and since my husband happens to be a huge Star Wars fan, I may just have to make this one.  It is provided free of charge on Mrs. Luedeke's lovely blog.  I couldn't help but peruse the site a bit to find the knitting pattern for that adorable Pokemon Go hat she is modeling on her main page.  I may have to link that in another blog...super cute...and another popular theme around this house.

Space Princess Hat by Fiber Flux

Kristen Shanna Knitting Blog
© Jennifer Dickerson

I have to be honest.  I have a tendency to turn up my nose at anything faux.  I would always rather have the natural - the real thing.  I favor all things genuine. (Did I ever mention that I used to pretend I ground my own grain to make those microwaveable chimichangas that sustained me through my childhood?  So odd...I know.  That's just my nerdy interpretation of fun.  I also organized my crayon box by colors...frequently...)  Given this information, it should not come as a surprise that I have often wondered to myself..."How long does my hair need to be before I could style my own Princess Leia buns?"  With age, I have come to realize that, sometimes, I have to cater to more realistic expectations.

I'm still not convinced I will sport the knit version of Leia's buns myself, but this Space Princess Hat knitting pattern offers a good rendition of the original hairstyle of the Star Wars Princess of Alderaan.  And the free knitting pattern is provided in all sizes, newborn to adult.  Dare I envision a future Halloween family costume theme?  (It's probably not the place to admit I am more of a Trekkie.)

Baby Yoda Knit Hat by Shinah Chang

Free Knitting Pattern
© Shinah Chang

Yes, please!  This baby Yoda hat knitting pattern looks pretty simple, and I am nearly certain it will make for a quick knit.  Unfortunately, I will not be giving my Star Wars geek husband any more babies on which he can grace this precious hat (Don't blame me...he put his foot down after that last horrible pregnancy!).  Regardless, there is never a shortage of little babies to love, and I tend to be a magnet...because...I LOVE BABIES!  So...the only question is, which one of you precious newbie mommies-to-be is the geekiest Star Wars fan?  'Cause I'm gonna have to knit this one for some little Yoda cutie ASAP!

Lifesize R2D2 Cozy by Sarah Rudder

Kristen Shanna Knitting Blog
© Sarah Rudder

So, here is another example of the mind blowing talent and creativity of knitters.  Seriously?!  I can't believe this Star Wars R2D2 Yarn Bomb Sarah Rudder has created and shared.  I think it has to be one of the best yarn bomb's ever.  I wish I could see it in person.

I love how other knitters on Ravelry have turned the R2D2 knitting pattern into super-sized stuffies.  I made some fun things when my girls were little, like a puppet theater and a super stuffed cushion.  I haven't ever taken the time to make anything crazy fun for the boys, and I KNOW they would love this.  I just might have to take it on.

Yoda Baby Bottle Cozy by Gabrielle Thériault

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© gabytheriault

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but I LOVE BABIES!  ;)  I wish I had seen this yoda knitting pattern when my my littles were littler.  (By the way...did you all know that teenagers are really just big kids?!!  Seriously.  Parenting is so eye-opening.)

Well, I was pleased to notice that I can also turn this yoda bottle cozy into a stuffie.  (I think they call it amigurumi now?)  So, if I don't make a yoda cover for one of the precious little babies I am lucky enough to know, I can make a little yoda stuffie for my own little sweetie.  (His current fave is his porg!)

Death Star by Nicole Kostelec

Kristen Shanna Knitting Blog
© Nicole Kostelec

#Mindblown.  Are you kidding me?!  This death star knitting pattern is both AWESOME and free.  I am starting to see that when star wars geek meets knitting geek we get some epic galactic results (pun intended).  😉  Looks like I could be knitting star wars indefinitely.  My dear husband thanks you, knitting designing star wars fans.

Rebel Socks by Marie Wall

Kristen Shanna Knitting Blog
© Marie Wall

This Star Wars Rebel knitting pattern looks masculine enough to knit for my husband, I would say.  (Though between the two of us, I tend to be more of a rebel.  He is sooooooo sweet and humble! 💕   ...perhaps if the cause had something to do with me.  He does get a bit fiery, in that case.  But don't tell him I told you.  😉)  I think a nice pair of Star Wars Rebel socks would keep his toes warm, even on the coldest of Missouri winter nights.

Stuffed BB-8 by Juanamac

Kristen Shanna Knitting Blog
© Juanamac

Another stuffie my boys would love!  This instructables BB-8 knitting pattern provides a lot of photos, which I often find helpful as I'm trying to work through a pattern.  I'm sure the difficulty (for me, at least) lies in getting the details right on the embellishments, but even that doesn't look impossibly complicated.  Unfortunately, I am notorious for getting my knitting projects to the point of finishing and embellishing...and then leaving them to sit for weeks, months, (ok) years!  Because the actual knitting is the part I enjoy.  Anyone in the mood to finish my 1,000 unfinished projects?!! 😉

Just in case, no?  Here is another BB-8 knitting pattern that requires less finishing.

Darth Vader Scarf by Knitting Julian

Kristen Shanna Knitting Blog
© Knitting Julian

I am loving the Darth Vader mask portion in this Star Wars Scarf.  It sure makes for a fun wrap around on a cold winter day...which I happen to be experiencing today.  #FebruaryIceStorm2018.  Between flu season and winter weather, we can't seem to get in a day of school around here.  I guess that leaves more time for knitting cozy little bad guy scarves.

Felted Light Saber by Sara Przbylski

Kristen Shanna Knitting Blog
© Sara Przbylski

I used to make felted slippers by Bev Galeskas.  It was one of the first knitting patterns I ever purchased.  I was on my husband's family vacation to Minnesota and came across the sweetest little yarn shop.  The children's version of the felted slippers was for sale with a small sample on display, and I fell in love.  Then, we got an "energy efficient" washer, which never did felt well, and my felting days became a lot less enjoyable.  I never really picked it up again. 

However, for those of you who do enjoy felted projects (and also Star Wars), this light saber looks like a great knitting pattern to try.  It would be especially good for young Star Wars fans with the stuffing-only core.

Patterns for Purchase

In case you are, like me, a fan of supporting knitting designers, here are a few must-have Star Wars knitting patterns for purchase:  (all under $6)

Chewie Mittens by
© Therese Sharp
Kristen Shanna Knitting Blog
Little Yoda Hat and Bunting by
© The LaBour Line
Darth Vader Sweater and Cape by
© Tiggs Toggs


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