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Cotton Washcloth Baby Bib - Free Knitting Pattern

This little gem doubles as a bib and washcloth.I designed it when our youngest was a baby.It’s perfect for that transition phase to solids…such a messy time!Use it as a bib for feeding, rinse and use it to clean up.


Materials: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream (or equivalent) cotton yarn (1 skein makes approximately 2 bibs), darning needle; 1/2 in. button, thread and needle

Needles: US size 7
Gauge: 20 sts. = 4 in. in stockinette
Finished Measurements: (Does not have to be exact…just close.) Width – 6.5 in. Height to neck – 4.5 in.               Neck strap height (neck to end) – 7 in.
Instructions 1.Cast on 30 sts. 2.Knit in garter stitch until work measures 4.5 in. 3.(Right side) Knit 8, place these stitches on holder, bind off --, knit 8. Finish neck strap 4.Knit 8 stitches. 5.Knit 2 together, k6. 6.Knit all sts. 7.Continue knitting in stockinette until the strap measures 6.5 inches.  8.(Right side) K3, yarn over, k4. 9.K4, k2tog, k2. 10.K3 rows. 11.Bind off on right side. Finish button strap 12.Knit 8 s…