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Free Knitting Pattern: Quick Cable Boot Cuffs

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Materials Yarn: 1 skein Vanna’s Choice or Loops and Threads, Impeccable Needles: 4 Size 7 dpn (or size to obtain gauge) Gauge: 11 sts per 4 inches in Single Rib Stitch

Instructions (Make 2) 1       1.  CO 48 sts.Join in round.          2.  K in single rib for 6 rounds.          3.  Repeat cable round 3 times. Cable Round (5 round repeat) Rows 1-4: *K4, P2* repeat across round. Row 5: *C2B (Put 2 ss on cable needle, hold to back, K2, K2 from cable needle), P2* repeat across round.

4. *K4, P2*repeat across round for 4 rounds.     5.  K in single rib for 5 rounds.   BO.     6.  Sew in ends.

Captivate Fingerless Gloves Free Knitting Pattern

Great news!  Since I have been delayed in adding to my knitting blog, I decided to make this one a freebie.  Happy Knitting!


Kristen Shanna FingerlessGloves

5 sts and 8 rows per in

Materials US size 5 double pointed needles (or size to obtain gauge)
Instructions 1.CO36 2.Knit 6 garter rounds (k1 round, p 1round). 3.Next round: k4, m1 (repeat toend). 4.Knit in 4x1 rib for 5 rounds. 5.Cable front (for 2nd glove, cableback) 6.Repeat step 4 and 5 onetime.

Shape Thumb Gusset
1.Make 2 at the beginning of the next round. Place marker. Continuein 4x1 pattern to the end of theround. 2.Purl 2.  Continue in 4x1 rib to the end of theround. 3.Continue increasing at the beginning and just before the marker onevery other round to maintain the thumb gusset increase, while maintaining a 4x1 rib with a cable every 6th round on the rest of the glove. Purl the thumb stitches on every other round to maintain a garter stitch. Increase until thumb gusset is 14 stitches. (You may want to add a need…

Eden's Sweater - Free Knitting Pattern

Some people like to plan carefully and get things right the first time.  I am impatient, and I just want to knit.  So, when my daughter asked me for a sweater.  I just dove right in. 

Here's the thing.  I don't really know how the yarn will fall until I try things out.  And I am 20 years in on this whole knitting thing.  I long ago realized I am WAY more into the process than the product.  So, I don't mind ripping out and starting over until I get it right. 

I mean...immediate frustration upon realizing I've knit for about 8 hours and it's not going to work is imminent.  But then, I just shake it off and remind myself, "Well, that just means more knitting for me!" And, oh.  That's a good thing.

This project started out as a request.  My 14 year old daughter wanted a sweater.  Now, I have just about had it with requests from my kids.  Because I have knit an untold number of items that were seldom used.  That is ever so frustrating.

And I've been t…