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Best of Pinterest - Free Knitting Winter 2019

Here are ten winter finds I discovered on Pinterest that actually follow through to real, free knitting pattern links.  Many of the legit Pinterest "free patterns" I find come from Ravelry, so I highly recommend any serious knitter create a free account. The Chalice by Karen S. Lauger © Lykkefanten BABY BLANKETS!!!  Because I LOVE babies.  I already have a couple of special lace blankets knit up and awaiting a potential future grandchild.  😂 But seriously, The Chalice by Karen S. Lauger is a must try.  After all...there will always be babies in need of some snuggly comfort!  💕  I particularly like the way the color flows in Lykkefanten's version, as pictured. Knitted Elf Slippers  by Craft Foxes ©CraftFoxes Look, I did not do a test knit on the pattern to make sure it is well done...but these slippers look too fun to NOT try.  Besides, after 19 years of knitting, it is the process I care about...much more than the product