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Easy Lace Beanie Knitting Pattern (FREE!)

 Easy Lace Beanie Knitting Pattern *TO OPEN LINK, PRESS AND HOLD (OR RIGHT CLICK) “READ MORE”, CHOOSE “OPEN IN NEW TAB.” PRINT NOW I love to forge my own path when it comes to knitting.   I love to try new things…make it my own way…invent, design, create!   I love to be able to call the whole thing mine.   And, while all these things remain true, an equal and simple reality is that the entirety of the knitting design process is NOT all fun and games.   Especially for a “math is not my strength” kind of gal…knitting design is a painstaking process.   I have experienced the frustrations every time.   Yet, going into my grand scheme of, “I’m going to design my OWN lace beanie knitting pattern,” I was completely na├»ve to the complications unique to this rather difficult pairing.   Lace.   Beanie.   Series of repeats.   Inevitable decreases.   Why did I NOT realize how monumental the task?!!   My complications began quickly.   Which pattern do I choose?   There are multiple sources for

Baby Eli's Rainbow Blanket - Free Knitting Pattern

Baby Eli’s Rainbow Blanket - Free Knitting Pattern PRINT NOW I was beyond excited when I found out I was going to be a Great Aunt. Baby Eli came in the midst of a trying time, and babies bring me so much joy...especially the ones who make me, officially, GREAT! In anticipation of his arrival, I pictured the happiest thing I could knit. What better represents joy than God's rainbow?!! Eli's cuddly little blanket is my vision of the hope, promise and bright colors of happiness he brings. I have to admit, there was a small part of me that planned on only making one and never writing a knitting pattern. Doesn't Eli deserve a one-of-a-kind?!! But when a friend specifically asked (in the context of a sweet and much appreciated compliment) could I refuse? Here is the official free knitting pattern for Eli's Rainbow Blanket. Enjoy! PRINT NOW Gauge : 17 sts x 23 rows = 4 inch (Exact gauge is not required...blanket size can vary.) Needle : US 8, long circular to acc

Plarn Projects: Reusable Grocery Bag - Free Knitting Pattern

Print Plarn Projects Reusable Grocery Bag Pattern Now I am super-dee-duper into environmentally sound living.  I have to remind myself, sometimes, that I am a human living in a very, disposable world.  While I want to do everything, I have to admit I can't.  BUT...I do as much as I can to support the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle movement. Unfortunately, if I am honest, sometimes I use paper plates and plastic spoons.  For me, it is a RARE occasion.  Like a 50th anniversary party, and I am the host.  That doesn't tend to come around too often. But, like most people, I also often buy jars and tubs of foods at the grocery store.  Ketchup, chocolate syrup, salsa...these things come in containers that could potentially be recycled (though, for us, glass takes a little more work than it used to).  However, often times, they are so caked with goo I just don't take the time to clean and recycle.  (It seems nearly impossible!) Additionally, I have an affinity for burning candles in the ev