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Plarn Projects: Reusable Grocery Bag - Free Knitting Pattern

Print Plarn Projects Reusable Grocery Bag Pattern Now I am super-dee-duper into environmentally sound living.  I have to remind myself, sometimes, that I am a human living in a very, disposable world.  While I want to do everything, I have to admit I can't.  BUT...I do as much as I can to support the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle movement. Unfortunately, if I am honest, sometimes I use paper plates and plastic spoons.  For me, it is a RARE occasion.  Like a 50th anniversary party, and I am the host.  That doesn't tend to come around too often. But, like most people, I also often buy jars and tubs of foods at the grocery store.  Ketchup, chocolate syrup, salsa...these things come in containers that could potentially be recycled (though, for us, glass takes a little more work than it used to).  However, often times, they are so caked with goo I just don't take the time to clean and recycle.  (It seems nearly impossible!) Additionally, I have an affinity for burning candles in the ev