Baby Eli's Rainbow Blanket - Free Knitting Pattern

Baby Eli’s Rainbow Blanket - Free Knitting Pattern

I was beyond excited when I found out I was going to be a Great Aunt. Baby Eli came in the midst of a trying time, and babies bring me so much joy...especially the ones who make me, officially, GREAT! In anticipation of his arrival, I pictured the happiest thing I could knit. What better represents joy than God's rainbow?!! Eli's cuddly little blanket is my vision of the hope, promise and bright colors of happiness he brings.

I have to admit, there was a small part of me that planned on only making one and never writing a knitting pattern. Doesn't Eli deserve a one-of-a-kind?!! But when a friend specifically asked (in the context of a sweet and much appreciated compliment) could I refuse? Here is the official free knitting pattern for Eli's Rainbow Blanket. Enjoy!


Baby Eli's Rainbow Blanket
: 17 sts x 23 rows = 4 inch (Exact gauge is not required...blanket size can vary.)

Needle: US 8, long circular to accommodate blanket size (I used 9’s, but I tend to have a very loose gauge.)

Yarn: 1 skein each - Red Heart Super Saver

    - Red (Cherry)

    - Orange (Pumpkin/Carrot)

    - Yellow  (Bright Yellow)

    - Green (Green)

    - Blue (Royal)

    - Purple (Amethyst)

    *I used vintage yarn I bought at an estate sale...except for the Royal blue.  I tried to find Red Heart Super Saver yarns in comparable colors.  However, I am a lazy, online shopper.  You would likely be more satisfied if you looked for any brand of yarn with similar gauge and picked out the colors you like together.  I prefer all bright and primary.  To me, bright colors scream HAPPY!!  But there are some lovely softer colors that would, also, make a lovely rainbow blanket.

    **On behalf of my nerdy self, I must clarify that I did NOT opt to go for the scientifically correct Roy G. Biv rainbow.  For simplicity’s sake, mine simply ends in blue and purple.

Seed Stitch Pattern

Row 1 - *k, p* repeat * to * to end of row

Row 2 - *p,k* repeat * to * to end of row

*The key is to always be knitting or purling the opposite stitch on each side.  So, where you previously knit, you should purl, etc.


Cast on 120 sts in Red.

  1. Knit one row in seed stitch, starting with p.  This will be the back of the blanket.

  2. Continue in seed stitch for 18 rows.

(Next, keep seed stitch for 12 stitches on each side to maintain border.  For the stitches in between, alternatively, K one side and purl the next.  This will create a simple stockinette stitch blanket within the border.)  So…

Main Blanket Row 1: *k,p* (repeat * to * for 12 stitches), knit 96 stitches, *k,p* (repeat * to * 12 stitches) 

Main Blanket Row 2: *p,k* (repeat * to * for 12 stitches), purl 96 stitches, p*k* (repeat * to * for 12 stitches)

  1. Repeat Main Blanket Rows 1 and 2 for a total of 8 times each (16 rows) in Red.

  2. Switch to Orange.  Complete 34 total rows (using Main Blanket rows 1 and 2 repeatedly).

  3. Switch to Yellow.  Complete 34 total rows (using Main Blanket rows 1 and 2 repeatedly).

  4. Switch to Green.  Complete 34 total rows (using Main Blanket rows 1 and 2 repeatedly).

  5. Switch to Blue.  Complete 34 total rows (using Main Blanket rows 1 and 2 repeatedly).

  6. Switch to Purple.  Complete 16 total rows (using Main Blanket rows 1 and 2 repeatedly).

  7. Continue in Purple using only seed stitch pattern throughout, for a total of 18 rows.

    Row 1: *k,p* (repeat * to * until end of row)

    Row 2: *p,k* (repeat * to * until end of row)

           - Knit 9 total of each row

  1. Bind off, right side.  Tuck in ends.  

Happy Rainbow Blanket Knitting!

❤ Kristen Shanna


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