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Easy Lace Beanie Knitting Pattern (FREE!)

 Easy Lace Beanie Knitting Pattern *TO OPEN LINK, PRESS AND HOLD (OR RIGHT CLICK) “READ MORE”, CHOOSE “OPEN IN NEW TAB.” PRINT NOW I love to forge my own path when it comes to knitting.   I love to try new things…make it my own way…invent, design, create!   I love to be able to call the whole thing mine.   And, while all these things remain true, an equal and simple reality is that the entirety of the knitting design process is NOT all fun and games.   Especially for a “math is not my strength” kind of gal…knitting design is a painstaking process.   I have experienced the frustrations every time.   Yet, going into my grand scheme of, “I’m going to design my OWN lace beanie knitting pattern,” I was completely na├»ve to the complications unique to this rather difficult pairing.   Lace.   Beanie.   Series of repeats.   Inevitable decreases.   Why did I NOT realize how monumental the task?!!   My complications began quickly.   Which pattern do I choose?   There are multiple sources for