Easy Lace Beanie Knitting Pattern (FREE!)

 Easy Lace Beanie Knitting Pattern



Easy Lace Beanie Knitting Pattern
I love to forge my own path when it comes to knitting.  I love to try new things…make it my own way…invent, design, create!  I love to be able to call the whole thing mine.  And, while all these things remain true, an equal and simple reality is that the entirety of the knitting design process is NOT all fun and games.  Especially for a “math is not my strength” kind of gal…knitting design is a painstaking process.  I have experienced the frustrations every time.  Yet, going into my grand scheme of, “I’m going to design my OWN lace beanie knitting pattern,” I was completely naïve to the complications unique to this rather difficult pairing.  Lace.  Beanie.  Series of repeats.  Inevitable decreases.  Why did I NOT realize how monumental the task?!!


My complications began quickly.  Which pattern do I choose?  There are multiple sources for lace patterns, and I’m not exactly an expert in the subject…but I knew I wanted to start with 100 stitches for the band and increase to 108 for the hat.  Therefore, I had to find a repeat that would be divisible by 108.  I wasn’t sure how to fit in the +__ stitches, and quite honestly that part did not inevitably work itself out until I began some hands-on trial and error.  (That meant a lot of knitting and ripping out, which is the long and hard way…but…that’s just how I work.  My brain better comprehends when I see how the knitting plays out in my hands.  And I just love the process.  So, ripping out and starting over, while disappointing, isn’t a deal breaker for me.)


I, rather quickly, figured out I was going to have to keep my first attempt at a lace SIMPLE.  Creating a lace beanie knitting pattern for the first time was going to be difficult enough without having a complicated 13 + 2 repeat, because…oh, by the way, I also had to consider the fact that I was going to be taking a flat knit row repeat pattern and turning it into a circular pattern.  (Fortunately, in this age of information, there is actually a blog – just a google search away – about how to do that!)


I landed on an easy 4-stitch repeat lace.  That solved the problem of keeping in pattern while decreasing.  (We’ll just take out a whole piece at a time!) Also, I ultimately figured out that I did not need the +__ stitches, for this particular pattern.  However, I did still have to deal with the question of decreases on an 8-row repeat.  So, I broke it down into 4 equal parts (after knitting to see how the actual numbers would play out), and balanced the decreases between needles 1,3 and 2,4. 


Complicated much?  Of course…just as I am.  I wish it were as simple for me as planning it out on paper and following the plans.  Oh, but for my very uniquely wired brain!  At least I will save myself (and YOU!) future confusion, by clearly outlining (and sharing) a rather easy lace beanie knitting pattern.  😊  Happy Knitting!

Yours truly.

Easy Lace Beanie Knitting Pattern


·      Double Pointed Needles – US sized 5 and 6  (5 needles in each size)

·       1 skein worsted weight yarn – I used I LOVE This Yarn! from Hobby Lobby
·       4 stitch markers
·       Darning needle for tucking in ends
·       Measuring tape


(my personal gauge is listed rather than the on-yarn gauge)

  •        2x2 rib – 26 sts and 24 rows = 4 inches on size 5 needles




Row 1: *K2tog, yo, p2* Repeat around

Rows 2-4: K2, P2

Row 5: *Yo, K2tog, P2

Rows 6-8: K2, P2



1.       Cast on 100 sts with size 5 needles.  Divide evenly between 4 needles.

2.       2.  Knit for 2 inches in 2x2 rib (K2, P2 around).  Approximately 12 rows.

3.       Switch to size 6 needles.  Knit 1 round, increasing 8 stitches evenly.  (I increased into the back of stitch 12 and 25 on each needle.)

4.       Begin Lace Pattern.  Knit in pattern for 4 inches (approximately 24 rows), making sure to end on the 8th row of lace repeat.


5.       Begin decrease. While keeping all other stitches in pattern, use the following decrease after markers 1 and 3 on lace row 1.  Decrease after markers 2 and 4 on lace row 5.  (Knit rows 2-4 and 6-8 in pattern, excepting after last decrease.) Repeat for 4 total decrease rounds, ending after last decrease (row 5 of pattern).  Total Rounds = 13.

*Decrease after marker: SSK, SSK, P2tog, P2tog

6.       Next Round – K2tog entire round.

7.       Next Round - K2tog entire round.

8.       Next Round – K1, *K2tog*.  Repeat * to * around.

9.       Cut long yarn tail and loop through remaining stitches.

10.   Tuck in ends.

11.   Optional – Add a pom.  I am liking the faux fur trend.

12.   Keep warm and enjoy your new lace beanie!  <3


Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions!  I love chatting with fellow knitters.  😊




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